Welcome to Noble Solutions' "Privacy Policy Statement" "Privacy Policy".  Noble Solutions. (“Noble Solutions”, also referred to as “we”, "our" or "us").

Noble Solutions (noblesolutiononline.com and noblesolutions.info) is a Nigerian-based educational-based start-up that is striving to provide investment and Financial Literacy to the ordinary people of Nigeria in particular and the world in general. See the About Us page to know more about us

We at Noble Solutions take online privacy seriously and we have always advocated for data control and safer internet for all, as such we solemnly respect the concerns of our community of users everywhere they are found.  Here (the "Privacy Policy") we describe our privacy practices with regard to the information we collect through noblesolutions.info and noblesolutiononline.com or any social media platform owned or managed by us.  You own the right to determine how your data is collected, shared and used



All of the content on our official website noblesoutionsonline.com and blog noblesolutions.info and on our YouTube and other platforms are the property of Noble Solutions unless otherwise stated in the content(s). None of the material may be reproduced for profit purposes without our written permission and when used for information and education due credit must be given with an appropriate backlink.

Personal Data We Collect

Noble Solutions do not personally collect any of your data for reading through our blog posts.  However, readers who wish to comment on our posts, leave feedback or subscribe to our newsletter may need a functional email address and other contact information as may be deemed necessary in accordance with Google data policies.  Our newsletter database is manually stored on our database and our blogger account back office for now; if this changes in the future, we will let you, our esteemed users know.


We do not have any personal cookies on our website and blog except for third-party cookies such as is provided by Google LLC, Cloudflare and other HTML on the site


Articles across our website and blog may include embedded content such as videos, images, and in and out links to other articles.  Also embedded are third-party links, some of which are affiliate links and third-party adverts and these websites may use cookies and have some tracking capabilities for the purpose of ensuring the source of their traffic to fulfil affiliate agreements

  How We Use Your Data

We use every data mined from you for the purposes of identifying you and serving you better. WE DO NOT SELL OR SHARE YOUR DATA WITH ANYONE.

How Long We Retain Your Data And Your Right Over Your Data

When you leave us a comment or feedback or you opt-in for our newsletter, we retain your data indefinitely. However, you own the right to your data and can request at any time that we expunge your data from our database by using the "Unsubscribe" button on the notifications you receive from us.

 Our Sources

We generate our content in-house from different reputable sources to make sure we don’t miss inform our audience.  We also accept contributions from other content creators (Write For Us).  We ensure that every of the content on our blog is original, reliable and free of any copyright infringement.  You should also be aware that this excludes comments made by our content readers as we do not vet or verify information given by readers; we view such information as feedback and a personal opinion of the contributors. However, if at any point you believe that any content; be it a post, image, video or comment is copied from you in  a manner that  symbolizes a copyright infringement, please notify us and we will take immediate action

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We also take prompt action in the case of any mistakes, inaccuracies or misrepresentations identified by our readers to investigate and correct. So kindly contact us for any correction or contribution.

 Also, check our