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Who is Noble Solutions?

Noble Solutions is a thriving solutions-based educational outfit that provides a wide spectrum of services in the areas of business and operational management consulting and financial and investment education. We are duly registered in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020.

What We Can Offer You

As a solution-based establishment, our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services in business and operational management consulting, and financial and investment education for all, using a contrarian approach to suit those who are weary of doing things the traditional way without achieving the desired result. We are not insane! We are contrarians! We are Noble Solutions: Your Success Is Our Pride

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What we do for ourselves

We are contrarian traders and investors. We trade different financial instruments in the global financial markets as well as HODL cryptocurrencies. As for investment, we invest in agriculture and its value chain, and we also invest in other start-ups and individuals with disruptive ideas. Do you think you have an innovative idea and need assistance? Let us know in the comments section, and we will get back to you.

What Drives Us

In Financial Trading: Most of the regulated forex brokers in their risk warnings usually warn that over 70% [seventy percent] of their day traders lose their trading capital, and I must add that the loss usually happens within the first three months. But a research report shows that less than 2% of day traders are actually profitable, as opposed to the assumption that about 30% of day traders are profitable.

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The truth is that an average FX trader is doomed to failure, especially if you are in Nigeria or the like (underdeveloped countries), for so many reasons such as poor internet connections, among other constraints. One of the misconceptions about forex trading is that it’s a win-win game when, in reality, it's a zero-sum game. There must be winners and losers for an equal amount of money. In fact, if there are no losers, there won’t be liquidity. That’ll be a discussion for another day. In the weeks to come, we shall treat some of the untold truths, half-truths, outright lies, and misconceptions about forex trading. Follow us and subscribe to our blog posts so you don’t miss out on that one if you want to ever be profitable in your trade.
In business, a study found that only five of every twenty-five businesses that start in Nigeria survive the first five years, and only one survives after ten years. That is to say, 80% of businesses in Nigeria fail within ten years. That report was from when Nigeria was still bad oh!, and one can only imagine what the actual figures will be now that it's in its worst state under this "change government," with the pump price of diesel at around N800-N1000 at the time of writing and prices of goods and services doubling in a hurry.
In the US, the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that 20% of small businesses fail in the same year of starting, 30% in the second year, 50% fail before their fifth year, and 70% fail within their 10th year of operation.
In the UK, the Office for National Statistics found that 91% of small businesses survive after their first year of operation, but 60% eventually fail after five years.
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In Canada, 4% of businesses will fail in the first year, 15% will fail before the third year, and 30% in the fifth year.

Why Is There Such a High Failure Rate?

Could it be that the world has more dummies? Not at all, as a matter of fact, the world and the trading and business space are filled with smart, principled traders and entrepreneurs with great ideas. But succeeding in business requires more than just a great idea. The business space is governed by "rules," and "rules" confine people and limit how far you can go and explore. Are we advocating for lawlessness and chaos? Far from it, but we are only saying there is another way—a better way. Most people only look at the two sides of the coin, but those that succeed also factor in the edge of the coin, which is where the difference is made. There is a way that high flyers and top players play to succeed that the average entrepreneur is not always privy to, and that is what we are about.
Unlike all that you have heard and read on why traders lose money and small businesses fail, the forex market is designed for retail traders to lose money just the same way the economy is structured to strangle small businesses and startups. Most businesses that failed didn’t fail because the owners were as foolish as they are made to look, they failed simply because it is a rigged game and it will always be. The unfortunate thing is that you are on the losing end. If you are not the Black Rocks, the Teslas, the Googles, the Microsofts, the Amazons, the Meta, the Alibaba, the Apples, and the Dangotes of this world, you are doomed to be stifled out of the market unless you go the contrarian way because the back door and windows are all fully guarded to prevent any intruder.
The owners of these giants are not smarter than you; they are not more determined or luckier; they were just early, and the door is shutting on you, but all hope is not lost because there is another way that is definitely not the usual route. Here we shall be unpacking our strategy one day at a time. That is why we are Noble Solutions.
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If a horse is dead, it's dead, and whipping a dead horse won't make it wake up. It’s dead! The current system we have has failed as it was designed to. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. It’s time to do things in a completely different way, in a much simpler and much more effective way. It may even be different from what you were taught in your business management classes in your business school. I must warn you that this is not for Methodists or the faint-hearted, but if you are, you can as well close down the tab and go read some comics. Success in this day and age requires extraordinary bravery and a disruptive mindset.

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Thank you for doing that. It marks the beginning of a wonderful journey together. We will always do our best to communicate our views to everyone, but I must reiterate that this may not be the sweet and smooth-flowing blog you are used to. We bring the hard facts, and some may still be bored out along the way. But those who stick around long enough will soon realize it is still possible to live your best life, achieve all your life dreams, and accomplish your financial and business goals regardless of your age, experience, background, or location.
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What We Aren't

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The fact that we are duly registered does not mean that we are licensed, financial advisors, or fund managers. We are only a group of contrarians with opinions and the drive to do things differently. Every opinion expressed in this neighbourhood and all our blog posts and tutorials going forward are nothing other than educational content that is made for your information and education, and maybe for your entertainment if you find them funny and unbelievable to you. You will agree with some, but some will stir up conflict with what you already know and practice. There are no guarantees; what you do with our opinion is entirely up to you. Trading financial instruments and doing business both involve risk in some form or another. See "Some Important Disclaimers."
Second, we do not promote, nor are we directly or indirectly involved in:
  1. Network marketing (MLM).
  2. Get-rich-quick schemes of any kind or shape
  3. Ponzi schemes of any kind.
We are not instant gratification monkeys here. We and e do things right, and we believe that life starts with learning, so we don’t act based on sentiments or FOMO. We are contrarians! We are solutions-based, that’s all. If you're on our side, then;
Let’s Go!